TECBOD protective clean clothes, care for Daxing medical heroes

At 4:00 pm on January 25, under the careful care of the medical staff of Xi'an Daxing Hospital, Mr. Li, a suspected patient with pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, has been tested by relevant departments and has been safely discharged from the hospital. He is now under observation at home as required.

This is the first case to be safely discharged since Xi'an Daxing Hospital became the first designated medical observation point in Shaanxi Province.

Tengke Baodi

It is understood that 23-year-old Mr. Li had just returned from Wuhan and had some coughs. For safety reasons, he took the initiative to go to the hospital for treatment. He said that he understands the government's requirements for isolation and screening of specific groups of people. He was also very moved by the meticulous care and company of the medical staff of Xi'an Daxing Hospital during the isolation period.

He said that as Chinese, each of us has the responsibility to think about the country and the safety of our own city. He hopes that the masses will actively screen and cooperate with hospital treatment according to the government's requirements. Help the motherland win this tough battle as soon as possible.

Tengke Baodi

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